Medel Professional Nebulizer # 95140

التوضحيات والمميزات : For continuous use, with a cleaning system Medel PROFESSIONAL is a professional aerosol therapy system, provided with an innovative compressor that makes it suitable for continuous use. Medeljet Plus nebulizer is characterized by the “breath-enhanced” double-valve-system, granting high efficiency and minimum drug waste. It’s equipped with a convenient box with lid, hygienically separated from the compressor, that can be used both as a container for accessories and for sterilizing them after use through sterilizing solutions. Medel Professional is fast, silent, equipped with integrated handle and cable storage compartment; with soft profile masks providing maximum comfort. Also equipped with Medeljet Rhino nasal wash, ideal for deep moisturization of the nasal mucosa, suitable for adults and children. It’s equipped with a complete range of accessories: nebulizer, mouthpiece, adult and pediatric mask with soft profiles, nosepiece, nasal wash, filters and air tube.

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