GEL BALE PROTECTION The extremely puncturable textile fabric with incorporated polymer gel parts is skin-colored and allows unobtrusive wearing - even on open shoes. The material has a long life and is washable with lukewarm water. After drying, the polymer gel parts can be lightly powdered with talcum powder. All products are packed in customer-friendly, hygienic blister packs. - Protection against pressure and friction. - Highest wearing comfort, perfect fit on the foot. - Effective pressure relief in the front foot area and the big toe bale. - Supple, skin-colored textile fabric with integrated polymer gel cushion, has an absorbent effect. - Optimal adaptation to the foot contours. - Barely noticeable. - Suitable for every shoe size. - To wear right and left. - Durable, washable. حماية للجزء الكروي اسفل القدم

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